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Community Enrichment Small Grants

Support for a range of non-profits, including cultural, educational, environmental, and community-based programs.

Community Wellness and Education Support

Year-round funding opportunity for 501(c)(3) nonprofits emphasizing children, education, and health service community activities.

Support for Science Education and Medical Research

Funding for institutions in New York-New Jersey area, focusing on science and technology education, medical research, and preserving The Edison legacy.

Versatile Community Assistance Grants

Biannual funding for public charities in diverse areas including youth, public health, women, environment, arts, hunger, and homelessness.

Support for Nonprofits in Religious, Medical, Educational and Social Sectors

Grants for US-based nonprofits focusing on Bible colleges, religious causes, medical issues, liberal arts, and social concerns with an emphasis on self-sufficiency.

Child-Centric Initiatives for Community Equity

Funding for initiatives focusing on children’s well-being, supporting working families, and building equitable communities, operating nationally and in priority regions.

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