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Last Updated:

May 24, 2023

Charles Edison Fund Grants


Charles Edison Fund


Next Deadline

January 9, 2023

Funding Areas

Medical research projects, science and technology education, preservation of the Edison Legacy


United States





The Charles Edison Fund is a philanthropic institution established with an endowment, devoted to supporting worthwhile endeavors primarily in the fields of science and technology education, medical research, and the preservation of The Edison legacy.
A distinctive pattern of giving has emerged within the Fund, as its contributions are commonly distributed equally among projects related to medical research, science and technology education, and the preservation of the Edison Legacy. The Fund's Trustees gather three times a year, typically in May, September, and December, during which they assess requests that have been submitted at least three weeks prior to the meeting.
The Fund primarily focuses its support on institutions and organizations situated primarily in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan area, showcasing its commitment to the local community and surrounding regions.

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